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The Benefits of Studying (and Working) in Mildura

In addition to being a popular tourist destination, the regional city of Mildura is home to a large number of international students. With a gorgeous Mediterranean climate (one of the warmest and sunniest in Victoria), an array of natural attractions and a rich cultural history, there is so much to love about Mildura. Additionally, there are lots of benefits to studying and working in the city as an international student. Wondering what they are? Read on to find out. 

You can receive a degree from a nationally awarded institution

The Victorian education system is world-renowned and puts the wellbeing of international students at the forefront of its approach. The state is home to five of Australia’s top 20 universities, one of the world’s top 50 universities, and two universities in the world’s top-ranking 100. Featuring award-winning classrooms and buildings and a well-balanced curriculum, Victoria boasts superb literacy and numeracy standards. Its institutions are valued for providing credible advice, examples of best practice and innovative partnerships with institutes around the world. 

In fact, there are several education providers in Mildura, many of which have been recognised and awarded at a national level. For instance, the Sunraysia Institute of TAFE (SuniTAFE) has won a host of prestigious awards, including the Large Training Provider of the Year at the 2019 Australian Training Awards and the Industry Collaboration Award at the 2020 Victorian Training Awards. Offering programs in industries like engineering, food and hospitality, and horticulture, institutes like SuniTAFE are excellent places to receive award-winning training that will set you up for success in your future career.

Additional years on your post-study work visa

Are you hoping to continue living in Australia after you’ve finished your studies? Studying in Mildura can help this dream become a reality. Since Mildura qualifies as a Category 3 regional area for migration purposes, you may be eligible to add an extra two years to your Temporary Graduate visa (TGV) after you complete your degree. As well, if you’ve graduated from a regional institution and have lived in regional Australia on your first TGV, you may be eligible for a second TGV.

Regional study incentives

To encourage more international students to live and study in regional areas, the Australian Government has implemented certain incentives. Some of these incentives include skilled visas that could offer you a pathway to permanent residence in Australia, a skilled regional permanent resident visa and even additional points on the Skilled Migration Points Test. Since Mildura is a regional city, you will be eligible for such incentives if you choose to study here.

Unique employment opportunities 

Mildura has a healthy tourism industry, which creates more seasonal jobs than you might expect. Additionally, because Mildura has a smaller population, there can be less competition for these roles. Therefore, securing your dream job during or after your studies may be far easier in this charming Victorian city. 

Mildura also offers creative employment prospects in specialised industries. For instance, Mildura is known for its wide selection of wineries and cellar doors, which means that you could have increased opportunities to become involved in the winemaking industry. Similarly, Mildura has a vibrant art scene, which is especially beneficial for art students hoping to gain some professional experience and build a network. With galleries like The Art Vault and Mildura Riverfront Gallery, the city could provide you with new and exciting chances to break into the art field.

Natural beauty

Situated on the edge of the Victorian outback desert, Mildura is a picturesque city with an array of natural wonders. From the sprawling Murray River to the World Heritage-listed Mungo National Park to the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens, there is no shortage of stunning natural sceneries to behold. While it’s important to spend a lot of time on your studies, it’s also crucial that you get out and explore this wondrous country you came to experience. One of the best ways to do that is to encounter its natural assets firsthand. 

Strong sense of community

If feeling connected to your community is important to you, then Mildura could be the perfect study destination. While the city’s population totals just over 50,000, Mildura boasts a close-knit, inclusive community that gives international students a ‘home away from home’ feeling. The city also provides several opportunities for the community to come together, hosting roughly 300 events and festivals throughout the year. When you study in Mildura, you won’t feel like just a number – you’ll feel like a treasured and unique member of the community.