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Where is Mildura?

Mildura is a regional city in northwest Victoria, located on the banks of the Murray River. It’s situated approximately 400 kilometres from Adelaide and 550 kilometres from Melbourne. Known for its warm weather and stunning natural landscapes, this charming city is a popular study spot for international students. It is also recognised as being one of Australia’s fastest-growing inland regional cities.

Prior to European settlement, the rich waters of the Murray River and the surrounding Mildura region were home to several Aboriginal peoples: the Latji Latji, Nyeri Nyeri, Wergaia and Ngintait peoples from Victoria and the Barkindji peoples from New South Wales. It is believed that the name Mildura roughly translates to ‘red earth’ in the Latji Latji language.

Getting to Mildura

Mildura has its own airport, Mildura Airport, which is around six kilometres from the city centre (or a 10-minute drive). While Mildura Airport doesn’t have any international arrivals, there are arrangements with one of Australia’s main airlines – Qantas – for international connections via Melbourne. Direct flights between Sydney and Mildura with Qantas commenced in late 2020, so there may be future international connections on the horizon.

Short flights to Mildura depart from Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, typically on a daily basis. Due to COVID-19, travel restrictions and flight schedules are subject to change. Be sure to regularly visit your airline’s website to check for any updates closer to your travel time. 

You can also get to Mildura by train and bus. Trains run from Melbourne to Swan Hill, after which you can hop on a coach to Mildura. You also have the option of catching a coach from Southern Cross Station in Melbourne that travels directly to Mildura. Use the Public Transport Victoria journey planner to figure out your travel itinerary. Additionally, NSW TrainLink and Transport for NSW are trialling regional coach services, one of which runs from Broken Hill to Adelaide and Mildura.

Alternatively, embrace the more scenic route and drive to Mildura. From Melbourne, travel along the Calder Highway via Bendigo (this is the quickest route!) or take the Sunraysia Highway via Ballarat all the way up to Mildura. If you’re visiting from Adelaide, you can take the Sturt Highway, and if you’re travelling from Sydney, cruise along the Hume and Sturt highways.

Drive times to Mildura from these three cities are as follows:

  • Melbourne – Roughly six hours
  • Adelaide – Roughly 4.5 hours
  • Sydney – Roughly 11 hours

Education providers in Mildura

Mildura is home to a few tertiary educational institutions. If you’re keen to explore your options for university campuses in Mildura, check out our guide to universities in Victoria

As well, Mildura is home to other education providers like the Sunraysia Institute of TAFE (SuniTAFE), making the city an excellent destination if you’re hoping to pursue a vocational education and training (VET) course.

Why study in Mildura

If you choose to study in Mildura, you will reap the benefits of the city’s charming, laid-back way of life; the locals are incredibly welcoming and the city’s secluded location makes for easy relaxation. Another perk is that Mildura is considered a regional area for migration purposes, which means that you may be able to gain an extra year on your post-study work visa and be eligible for a wider range of jobs. 

Additionally, as a regional area, Mildura is very affordable for international students living on a tight budget. Compared to larger nearby cities, such as Melbourne and Adelaide, Mildura has lower average rent costs. Plus, since it’s a smaller city, it’s easier to get around, which means you won’t need to spend as much money on public transport. Who doesn’t love saving some hard-earned cash?

If you’re a nature lover who enjoys exploring the great outdoors, Mildura is the perfect study destination for you. In the city and surrounding areas, you’ll find breathtaking natural sites, including the Hattah-Kulkyne National Park, Murray-Sunset National Park and Mungo National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage site). You will also get to soak up the beautiful views of the Murray River, which stretches through the heart of the city.

Studying in Mildura will also grant you access to a host of fun recreational activities and facilities that you can enjoy in your spare time. With a vibrant and close-knit population, the city hosts over 300 events and festivals each year to bring the community together. And that’s not to mention the wide range of fantastic bars, restaurants and wineries that you can discover any day of the week.  

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