Top Reasons to Study in Australia

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Australia is one of the world’s leading education powerhouses and features globally renowned facilities and educators. International students are continually enticed by the range of quality study options and excellent lifestyle.

Quality Education System

With the 3rd highest amount of international students and a global university system ranking of 8th, it is easy to see why Australia makes sense for your study experience. The university system is well structured for international students, and you will receive a top quality education.

International Success

The success of the education system is highlighted by the fact that the country has provided 15 Nobel laureates. Australian discoveries and inventions, including penicillin, the black box recorder and Wi-Fi, are used globally every day.

Amazing Climate & Outdoor Lifestyle

The climate and outdoor lifestyle are world famous and continually entice people to the country. Year round the climate allows for a top quality of life. Sport plays a significant role in Australian society, and outdoor spaces enable social barbecues and other activities.

Australia is a Multicultural Society

47% of the population has one or more parent born outside of Australia with over 260 different languages spoken. This ensures that Australia has a wonderfully multicultural society which openly embraces cultural diversity.

Top Student Cities

Australian cities provide quality of life to support your study journey. The facilities and cultures of these cities form the perfect backdrop for an ideal study experience.

Check out Cities in Australia for more information on each of the capital and major cities.

Health & Safety

Your safety is a crucial component of any decision you make and is another area where Australian genuinely excels. As a vibrant and economically prosperous nation, it allows you to focus on your study rather than your safety. Arranging your insurance will also enable you to rest assured that your healthcare needs are supported.

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Don’t forget to check Australia’s biosecurity requirements when packing your personal items. Some food, plant material and animal products are not permitted and should not be brought to Australia. Airport clearance is quicker if you don’t bring food, plant material or animal products. Most of these items can be easily purchased in Australia. If you pack these items you must declare them for inspection when you arrive in Australia. If you don’t declare all items, you may receive an on-the-spot fine or face prosecution.