Top TED Talks to Get You Motivated to Study

Some days you want to study, and some days you don’t. Some days the thought of study and those looming assignments makes you want to crawl back up in bed and sleep until the semester is over. When you’re stuck like this, the best thing you can do is look outside the box to find some motivation, to do something different and expand your mind.

Have you tried listening to TED Talks?

TED Talks—which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design—are short, powerful talks, designed to share ideas and knowledge, from gifted minds all across the world. Clocking in at less than 18 minutes each, they’re easily digestible, and an informative, inspiring, and fun alternative to tuning out to a DVD.

While you might not be studying your coursework, you’ll be doing your mind a valuable service, getting your creative juices flowing, and getting that spark of motivation back at the same time. You might even find something to discuss with your tutors and lecturers, and motivate them too.

Here are a few that we recommend to get you started.

Classic TED Talks

These are some of the most watched TED talks out there.

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy offers you a free, no-tech life-hack, to help you change your life. Whether it’s before your first class presentation, before that important job interview, or even before a party with new people, all it takes is two minutes and Amy Cuddy’s advice to change your life.

Brené Brown will encourage you to expand your perception on shame, on having the courage to be vulnerable, and change the way you live.

TED Talks for Motivation

Get that spark of motivation back with these inspiring talks.

Adam Grant is here to teach you three surprising things about original thinkers, and how to embrace failure, and how to procrastinate to your full potential—seriously. This is the talk you need when you’re curled up in bed ignoring your assignments.

Celebrated motivational speaker Tony Robbins asks you to explore your motivations, and try to use this to get an understanding of what others do, too.

Simon Sinek tells you his theory on how all great leaders think, how to think and act from the inside out, and how to change your thinking to inspire.

Dan Pink gives you the story and psychology behind motivation, and how to get motivated in a different way.

A TED Talk for Mindfulness

Centre your mind and take control of your like with this TED talk.

Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe reminds you of the beauty of doing nothing, and gives you’re a scientifically-proven technique to get your mind back on track in only ten minutes a day.

TED Talks for Creative Inspiration

Unlock your creative potential with these creative talks.

David Kelley talks you through his experience of seeing the benefits of letting yourself be creative, and how this can frame your confidence.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ tells you how to tackle the notion of ‘genius’, of creativity, and how to let yourself be creative, and not worry about the outcome.