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About Us

Insider Guides – International Student Guides

Insider Guides produces best-practice guides to ensure international students are prepared, welcomed, connected and supported in Australia. Printed annually, the guides are available for free both onshore and offshore at various stages of the decision-making cycle, from over 500 distribution points throughout the year. With over 15 years’ experience in both print and online, Insider Guides is widely regarded as a best-practice provider of high-quality information to improve the student experience. Furthermore, with strong partnerships with industry and government, our guides are the most widely used resource in the industry.



The evolution

What started as a print-only guide in Adelaide has evolved into something much bigger. Now, each year there are guides published in Melbourne and Sydney and 7 offshore guides about Australia distributed across 20 countries (2 of them translated). Around 70% of new international students will come into contact with Insider Guides at some point in their journey each year.

We also launched insiderguides.com.au, which is updated daily with new, helpful content from writers (including international and domestic students) across the country.


We made a decision early on that to be a leader in the international education sector, we needed to produce beautiful products and our content needed to be engaging, accurate and useful.

We take a ‘best-practice first’ approach to everything we do and have forged incredible relationships and partnerships with governments across Australia, universities, colleges and more, along the way. We also have strict guidelines on what kind of brands we work with to ensure our student readers receive the best information that genuinely improves their experience.

Our partners

Insider Guides works with the following government and industry partners to produce Insider Guides.