Webinar #12: How is the school sector navigating international education during COVID?

Insider Guides’ twelfth webinar brought together hosts James Martin and Rob Lawrence with Derek Scott, CEO and Principal of Haileybury, the largest independent school in Australia, to explore the unique risks and opportunities for schools, compared to other sectors, the challenges involved in online learning and what the sector can learn from the Haileybury experience and business model.

Topics discussed include:

  • The COVID-19 journey for the school sector
  • Priority issues in the pandemic for schools
  • The impact of border closures
  • International student wellbeing during this time
  • Maintain engagement during a time when a physical in-country presence is nearly imporssible
  • Online learning and creating a genuine school experience
  • The response of the homestay sector vs. boarding houses
  • Addressing parental feedback
  • Maintaining unity with international campuses
  • The exit journey for schools

Webinar poll:

Attendees at the webinar were invited to participate in a poll regarding this webinar key’s topics. The majority of attendees at 51%  think it is unlikely that under-18 international students will return to Australia in January 2021, while 38% believe it may be likely. Meanwhile, 43% said that it is unlikely that under-18 international students will take up online learning in great numbers around the world, corresponding with Derek’s view that as humans we crave personal interaction and that a co-curricular experience with sport, music and social connection is vital to the student experience.

Poll questions:

  1. Do you think under 18 international students will come back to Australia in January/February?
  2. Do you think more families will choose boarding schools because of the contained environment?
  3. Do you believe homestay hosts will become more reluctant to become hosts due to community transmission?
  4. Do you think that U18s will take up online learning in great numbers around the world?