Employability Webinar #1: Future careers of international students

Insider Guides has partnered with the Council of International Students Australia (CISA) and Student Job Australia to bring together a panel of expert speakers to consider the future careers of international students post-COVID. Whilst it has been a difficult and uncertain time, there are lots of additional resources and new opportunities for students.

Together with the Hon. Phil Honeywood (CEO, IEAA), Rebecca Hall (Senior Industry Expert International Education, Austrade) and Bijay Sapkota (Co-founder, Student Job Australia), we explored some critical issues for students, including:

  • What resources and support is available to help me gain meaningful employment?
  • How can I enhance my employability?
  • What might the future look like for international student employment opportunities?
  • What skills might I need to be competitive in the future?

The disastrous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australia’s unemployment rate have been highlighted in the media, and international students have been greatly impacted. We explored this issue to uncover what support is available to students to find work now, and to prepare themselves to be career-ready. 

Our panelists also shared their top tips for students to prepare for future employment opportunities:

  • Stay positive and informed
  • Plan for your career – research industries, volunteer and create networks. 
  • Don’t do it alone – seek support and advice 

Job search resources for students

A number of employability resources were discussed throughout the webinar, including:

Student Job Australia

Student Job Australia is designed just for international students and graduates, offering a job search portal that covers multiple industries across Australia.

You can also connect on LinkedIn or email for updates and resume support.

Legal and professional advice for students

If you need advice on your workplace rights, pay, or any other employment-related issues, you can use the resources listed below:

Student poll

During the webinar we polled attendees on the following questions:

  • Has COVID-19 changed your long term career goals?
  • How likely are you to create your own job if you can’t find a job?
  • Have you undertaken any additional study or courses to upskill or learn a new skill since the lockdown started?
  • Which trait do you feel is the most important for obtaining employment? 

Extra support resources

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COVID-19 Student Support Directory – find out where you can seek support and financial relief if you need it.

COVID-19 Resource Hub – for the latest news and articles on COVID-19.

Successful Graduate – for information and advice on improving your employment prospects.