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What is Car Sharing?

car sharing

What is Car Sharing

Car sharing is a popular and cost-effective car rental system; wherein companies rent cars to members on request for short periods of time, even by the hour. It is a brilliant service for those who only need a car occasionally. It benefits individuals with the immediate availability and easy use of a car, on an as-needed basis, without the hassles and costs of ownership. It provides an excellent way to save money, and the service and flow nature of car sharing makes it the eco-friendly, sustainable option, providing a service rather than new goods, thus eliminating unnecessary cars from the busy streets and congested roads.

How it Works

Generally, car sharing requires membership, however most companies offer various membership plans to suit a range of customer needs and desires. Some memberships require an annual fee for unlimited access, others offer free, casual membership but will require payment each time you choose to rent. The membership/rental fees generally cover the cost of fuel, insurance, maintenance and cleaning. Once you’ve joined up, you’ll have access, via internet or phone, to select from a variety of vehicles, and to pick up from a nearby location. Vehicles are mostly located in parking lots or on highly populated urban streets.

To get started the following are Australia’s major car sharing companies, offering both membership and casual plans:

Go Get | Green Share Car | Flexicar