While you’re studying in one of the capital cities, you might not venture far from your locale. To maximise your trip abroad you should really see all that Australia has to offer. There are plenty of quaint country towns, historical areas, and beautiful national parks. When you’re not studying, grab some friends and go on short trips to find out what’s happening just a stone’s throw from home.

The Tropics

With the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest on your doorstep, it’s a hard decision where to go first!


The nation’s capital. It is well known for its many museums and galleries. So much culture!


With the Great Ocean Road to the west and the Dandenong Ranges to the east and the ever lovely Daylesford to the north, no matter which direction you take, you’ll end up somewhere magical.


Take a hike in the Blue Mountains or take a seat on one of Sydney’s ferries for a unique view of the iconic harbour.


Want to spend the day in the sun? Hang out at the Southbank Parklands Lagoon. Feeling Adventurous? Grab a free bike and explore all that Brisbane has to offer.


From the beautifully scenic Barossa Valley to the sea lions of Port Lincoln, South Australia is bursting with adventure.

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