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Sydney is Australia’s most famous city and it’s easy to see why! Set on the iconic Sydney Harbour and surrounded by some of the country’s best beaches, it is a visual feast, full of activities, places to see and great food and drink. Sydney is known as the ‘city of villages’, with no two suburbs the same. You can be sipping on a delicious flat white at a cafe in Sydney’s Inner West and, just 20 minutes later, you could be breathing in the fresh, salty air at one of the many beaches scattered along the iconic coastline. Just as varied as the suburbs are the people who occupy them; the city is a cultural melting pot complete with diverse communities, great food and events.

Sydney, New South Whales

Best known for
With beautiful beaches, a bustling CBD and some of the world’s best educational institutions, what’s not to love about Sydney? This busy harbourside city is packed with some of Australia's most recognisable landmarks (think the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge).
Where to Study
With five world-renowned universities (including the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales in the global top 50) and a range of high-quality Vocational Education and Training providers that prepare their students for industry, there's something for every student in Sydney.
Public Transport
Sydney’s transport system is diverse, clean and reliable. With buses, trains, ferries and a new light rail lane, there are plenty of transport options for getting around the city easily, efficiently and safely.

Around Sydney

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