What Happens if you Change Your Mind About Your Course?

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So, you’re planning to kickstart your university or college journey, but even though the semester hasn’t started yet, your study situation doesn’t feel quite right. Whether you have realised your chosen course isn’t the best option for you, or you want to explore a different pathway, the good news is there are steps you can take to embark on a new study program.

If you’re a student in NSW, here’s what you need to do if you want to change your preferences.


You need to make sure you are certain about the change you are going to make – a decision like this should not be made without serious consideration. Chatting to a student advisor or counsellor can help you weigh up your options and get the support you need.

Some things to consider before making this decision include:

– How much will this cost? There are financial considerations you will need to make, such as paying for the cost of your new course.

– Have you found a suitable course? If you thought that your original preferences did not match your skills or interests, you need to ensure your new preferences reflect what you are good at and what you’re interested in.


If you’ve committed to changing courses, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow.

1. Decide which course you want to change into and make sure you look into any prerequisites that this course requires.

2. Check the ‘Change of Preference’ deadlines for each round – these are the cut-off dates for changing your course preferences before studies commence. In New South Wales, the cut-off dates are as below:

January 2020

  • The UAC change of preference deadline is midnight 5 January
  • January Undergraduate Round 1 offers are released on 10 January
  • The Round 2 change of preference deadline is midnight 19 January
  • Round 2 offers released 23 Jan

February 2020

  • The Round 1 change of preference deadline is midnight 2 February
  • Round 1 offers are released 6 February
  • The Round 2 deadline for change of preference midnight 9 February
  • Round 2 offers 13 February

March 2020

  • The deadline for March Round 1 change of preference is 1 March
  • March Round 1 offers are released 5 March

3. If you want to change courses, you can do so online through UAC. You simply need to log in to your application and replace your top preference with the new course you’re hoping to change into. This has to be done before the cut-off date.

Changing courses is fairly common, so don’t be worried if this is a step you feel you have to take.

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