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Top Tips for Finding Student Discounts

Top Tips for Finding Student Discounts

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s a bargain, and when you’re a student it becomes even more important. You feel overworked, stressed, you’re lacking in funds, but you still want to go out and have fun.

One of the big benefits of being a student (besides your education, of course) is that you get access to the sweet world of Student Discounts—think of it as unlocking a secret level that rewards you for being a student.

As well as discounts on course materials, public transport, and the ever-important electronic equipment, there’s a whole world of places out there where you can find some pretty great student discounts. Below are our top tips on where to look and how to find them.

Fast food and chain restaurants

A sneaky tip is to sign up for your favourite food chain’s newsletter or membership database. Places like Boost Juice, Oporto, Nando’s, Salsa’s, and Sumo Salad all have birthday bonuses, giving you things like a free coffee or free meal on your birthday—so just use the birth date you want, and start scoring free stuff.

A not-so-sneaky tip is that a lot of these chains also offer general student discounts or two-for-one deals during the week, so before you order be sure to check if they do.

Pubs and clubs

For a cheap meal, always check your local pub. Most establishments, no matter how big or small, offer meal deals during the week as these are generally their quietest nights. You’ll be able to find a deal like two-for-one drinks, or parmigiana & pint specials, any night of the week if you do your research. If you’re stuck, The Happiest Hour will help you find what’s available near you.

Plenty of establishments near you will also offer student nights, most likely mid-week, so you can still go out with your friends on the cheap. Check out their Facebook pages or websites to find out what they’ve got going on.


It’s not cheap to get your hair done, so every discount helps. The good news is that a lot of hairdressers offer cheaper cuts for students, whether it’s your local barber or a high-class salon. Shop around and check their prices online, or have a look when you’re next in the shop. Check out the student discounts section at hairsalons.com.au for more options.


Clothes can be expensive, so it pays to shop around. Bigger clothing chains like City Beach, General Pants Co., and Myer all offer student discounts, just check at the counter before you buy. Online stores like ASOS, boohoo.com, and The Iconic are already cheap but also offer discounts to students, and with delivery right to your door, you don’t even have to leave the house. Aussie online retailer Showpo offers 10% everything to students, making it a great place to stock up on fashion-forward essentials.


UNiDAYS partners with leading national and international brands to get you the best deals. Check out this website to find clothes, beauty products, fitness products, technology items, and lots more all available at a good student price. Fun

Being stuck in your room studying all day can be tiring, and sometimes you just need a break. You can take advantage of student discounts at places like theme parks (if you’re lucky enough to have them nearby), bowling alleys, paintball, and zoos (because cuddly animals make everything better), to get you out of the house. Also, online coupon websites like Groupon are a great place to find discounts on more adventurous activities, so have a look online for your next study break adventure.

If all else fails

Our biggest tip is to just ask. It may not be advertised, so wherever you go simply ask if they have a student discount. A lot of places do. Bakeries, newsagents, mechanics—wherever you go, ask the question, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

To take the guesswork out of finding deals, get in touch with your campus Student Guild/Union, they’ll be sure to have a list of local discounts and student specials, specific to your area.