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With relevant and engaging content added weekly, our content bank gives you access to hundreds of articles covering all topics including the important ‘need to knows’, localised and cultural features, explorations of the interests, challenges, and needs of international students both in Australia and pre-departure. Never run out of content for your social media audience.


Everything you need to know about international student healthcare

Dealing with stress and mental health issues

Resources for LGBTI international students

Staying safe at the beach

Where to find help in an emergency

Top tips for improving your English

Tips for writing an essay

Useful study apps

What your lecturer wants you to know about studying in Australia

What should you do if you’re falling behind in your course?


How is studying in Australia different to the USA and UK?

Six things you need to know about Australian learning culture

How to choose the right course for your future

Preparing for success with pathway programs

How to win a scholarship

Applying to study in Australia

10 tips for a great student visa application

How do I transfer from a working holiday visa to a student visa?

Seven helpful tips for passing the IELTS

Arranging Overseas Student Health Cover

City specific content

Downloadable PDF editions of our popular print guides to help with your students’ orientation experience. Seven onshore guides and three offshore guides full of unique, engaging, easy-to-read content covering everything international students need to know about studying and living in Australia.

  • International Student Guide To Australia 2019: 3 offshore pre-arrival guides in English, Chinese and Vietnamese
  • International Student Guide 2019: 7 onshore orientation guides for  Sydney & NSW, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Canberra.

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