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Insider Guides’ weekly student webinars aim to answer the most pressing questions for international students in Australia.

Insider Guides, along with a host of experts and industry professionals, bring together a diverse audience from across Australia in weekly and interactive webinars, offering opportunities for live Q&A sessions, resource sharing and support to international students.

Australian visa update for international students

There’s been plenty of information around about Australian visa updates and processes and it can be hard to know what changes and information are relevant to you. Joined by Nicole Kirkwood, Director of Australian Visa and Immigration Experts (AVIE) and experienced Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 0962323) and advisor with over 10 years of experience in the Australian migration industry, and Sebastian Pabon, Senior Customer Service Agent at Torrens University Australia and former international student, this webinar shares all the latest visa updates for international students.

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How to get a scholarship

Whether it’s help with tuition costs, your accommodation and living expenses, or accessing specialty training or skill-development opportunities, there’s something out there for every student when it comes to scholarships in Australia. Joined by Astrid Hofmann, Co-founder of Project Global Citizen & Vice President of VicWISE, Project Global Citizen Scholar, Ritika Saxena, and Axell Pineda, Senior Manager, International Recruitment (Acting) at La Trobe University, and this webinar discusses everything you need to know about scholarships.

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Networking to get you noticed…and then acing your job interview!

Nailing your networking and communication skills (both in-person and virtually!) are essential during the job hunt. Joined by Helen McNairney, Career Consultant at The University of Newcastle, this webinar covers how to successfully network as an international student, and then how to prepare, what to say and how to follow-up on an interview to help you land the job.

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How to find an internship as an international student

Internships can be the key to getting valuable Australian workplace experience, building professional networks, learning more about future roles and, in some cases, getting a paid job afterwards. But how do you successfully land an internship as an international student in Australia? Joined by Hope Dolino, Programs Manager for Practera, and Shirley Hsueh, Service Improvement Manager (Internships) at the University of Queensland, this webinar covered everything you need to know about internships.

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How to get a job through LinkedIn

What does your digital profile say about you? In this webinar, joined by Holly Johnsen, School Communications Coordinator at ECU School of Business and Law, we discuss how to make LinkedIn work for you as a job seeker.

Proudly sponsored by Edith Cowan University and StudyPerth

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Why you should study (and work!) in a regional area

What are the visa, education, lifestyle and employment benefits in regional areas? Is it worth the effort? How would you make it happen? Joined by Andrew Houey, International Marketing Director for StudyAdelaide, Edgar Ho, International Student Advisor at TasTAFE, and current international student, Rui Ma, we discussed what you need to know about living in Australia’s regional areas.

Proudly sponsored by StudyAdelaide and Taylors College Perth

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Jobs vs. Careers

Joined by Will James, National Careers Manager, Kaplan Business School, and Yousef Shadid, GradShip Founder, we explored how international students can prepare themselves for meaningful and fulfilling futures in the workplace.

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The future of international education

Joined by education sector experts, Rebecca Hall, former Senior Industry Expert International Education with Austrade, and Luke Sheehy, Executive Director of the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN), and co-host Kasun Kalhara, former National Welfare Officer with the Council of International Students Australia (CISA), this webinar discussed the future of international students pursuing their studies in Australia.

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Overcoming the stigma of mental health – why it’s OK to seek help

Insider Guides were joined by Linh, an international student in Australia sharing her mental health journey, Micheline Gador-Whyte from Orygen and Neha Manandhar from batyr to have your frequently asked questions about mental health answered. From overcoming homesickness, loneliness and anxiety, resolving relationship conflicts, and the importance of self-care, we ran you through the support available to you.

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Visa Updates for International Students – In conversation with the Department of Home Affairs

Insider Guides were extremely fortunate to be joined by Matthew Noble, Director of Student and Graduate Visas Section at the Department of Home Affairs, to explain changes to student visas, and explore what they all mean for international students both in Australia and overseas. We also welcomed Varsha Devi Balakrishnan, National Secretary of the Council of International Students Australia, to share your frequently asked questions about student visas.

Proudly sponsored by Charles Sturt University Study Centres and RMIT University

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Becoming your own boss – building a business as an international student

Insider Guides, joined by Paula Mills, CEO of the Academy of Entrepreneurs, and Rita Do, Packsy founder, brought you a webinar all about launching a successful business or startup as an international student, the importance of entrepreneurship, making your dreams a reality, and being your own boss.

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Resilience in the face of rejection

Insider Guides were in conversation with Dominic Soh – resilience expert and TEDx speaker – to discuss his uniquely inspiring path from international student to international speaker. We will explore how to be adaptable and resilient when looking for work as an international student in Australia during COVID-19, and how to search and apply for jobs effectively.

Proudly sponsored by The University of Queensland

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An expert’s guide to landing your dream job

Insider Guides brought together with Will James, National Careers Manager at Kaplan Business School, and Ocean Cheung, Programs and Marketing Coordinator (QLD) at Practera, to explore the tried and tested steps you need to undertake to land the perfect job.

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How to boost your employability

Together with Lynne Trezise, one of Australia’s leading HR professionals, and Gerard Holland, CEO of Outcome.Life, we explored what employers are really looking for when it comes to hiring employees.

Proudly in partnership with CISA

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Future careers of international students

Together with the Hon. Phil Honeywood (CEO, IEAA), Rebecca Hall (Senior Industry Expert International Education, Austrade) and Bijay Sapkota (Co-founder, Student Job Australia), Insider Guides explored the future careers of international students post-COVID.

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