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COVID-19 Resource Hub

coronavirus in australia

International Student Updates

COVID-19 updates, information and support for international students


Bonnie Lin: My Mental Health Journey During COVID-19 (7 September)

International Students and COVID-19: How Are Different Countries Responding? (27 August)

How to Navigate Virtual Open Days (14 August)

News: Visa Changes for Anyone Working in Critical Industries (13 August)

How to Prepare for (Eventually) Studying in Australia (12 August)

What is the New Visa Application Fee Waiver and How do I Apply? (6 August)

How to Feel Connected When You’re Experiencing Isolation (23 July)

Face Masks 101: Why They’re Important and How to Wear One Properly (23 July)

Changes to Student Visa Arrangements in Australia (20 July)

What’s Going on With Post-Study Work Visa Changes for International Students? (16 July)

What do the New Restrictions in Melbourne Mean? (9 July)

A Week at the OzHarvest Mobile Market (2 July)

What Will the Hospitality Industry Look Like After COVID-19? (June 26)

Adelaide Students: Receive Free Food Assistance at the OzHarvest Mobile Market (26 June)

What Are the International Student Pilot Programs? (25 June)

COVID-19 and Student Scams: How to Keep Yourself Safe (23 June)

A Guide to COVID-19 Support for Students in New South Wales (18 June)

When Can International Students Come to Australia and When Will my Campus Open? (17 June)

Where to Seek Support if You Experience Racism or Discrimination (4 June)

A Guide to COVID-19 Support for Students in Regional Areas (29 May)

Sydney Students: Receive a Free Food Hamper at the OzHarvest Hamper Hub (28 May)

The Best YouTube Channels for Working Out at Home (26 May)

Mental Health Support in Australia: Signs to Look Out For and Where to Go for Help (21 May)

Explore South Australia From Your Living Room: The State’s Best Virtual Tours (15 May)

Employment Experts Offer Their Advice on Looking for Work During COVID-19 (May 12)

How to Make Your Job Application Stand Out During COVID-19 (May 8)

Quarantining with Your Partner During COVID-19 (6 May)

10 Tips for Beating Homesickness During COVID-19 (5 May)

A Beginner’s Guide to the COVIDSafe App (29 April)

Why I Decided to Stay: International Students Remaining in Australia Amid COVID-19 (29 April)

Why it’s OK to Not be Constantly Productive During COVID-19 (29 April)

Find Urgent Accommodation Assistance Through the International Student Support Network (29 April)

Victorian Government Announces International Student Emergency Relief Fund (29 April)

Eight Easy Ways to Improve Your English at Home (24 April)

Looking for COVID-19 Support in SA? Here’s Where to Turn to (24 April)

Where to Turn to if You Can’t Afford Groceries (22 April)

Keen to Host a Virtual Party With Your Friends? Here Are Some Fun Ideas to Get Started (22 April)

Explore Australia From Your Living Room: Film & TV (22 April)

Tasmanian Government Unveils $3 Million Package to Support Temporary Visa Holders (22 April)

SA Government Announces $13.8 million Package to Support International Students in South Australia (22 April)

Explore Australia From Your Living Room: Music (22 April)

The 10 Best Websites and YouTube Channels for Isolation Recipes (15 April)

Exploring Australia From Your Living Room: Wildlife (15 April)

How to Navigate Sharing a Home With Others During COVID-19 (15 April)

How do I Exercise While I’m Stuck at Home? Tips From an Australian Ninja Warrior Semi-Finalist (8 April)

#InThisTogether with Johan Ginuny: Ngobrol Bareng Piche and the Art of Instagram (7 April)

How to Beat Procrastination Once and For All (7 April)

Explore Australia From Your Living Room: Arts & Culture (7 April)

Where to Buy Groceries Online (From Stores That Aren’t the Major Supermarkets) (7 April)

Understanding the Prime Minister’s Statement on International Students During COVID-19 (6 April)

Coronavirus and Australian Workplace Laws (6 April)

Your Visa and Immigration Questions, Answered (1 April)

How to Self-Isolate When You Live With Other People (2 April)

What Happens if my Workplace Shuts Down or I Can’t Work Due to Coronavirus? (1 April)

Eight Ways to Hang Out With Your Friends When You Can’t Leave the House (1 April)

What is my OSHC Provider Doing in Response to COVID-19? (25 March)

How to Maintain a Healthy Diet During COVID-19 and Other Top Tips From a Nutritionist (24 March)

Your COVID-19 Questions Answered By Doctors (24 March)

Tips For Staying Happy and Healthy During COVID-19 (20 March)

Top Tips From a Lecturer if You’re Studying Online During COVID-19 (20 March)

Self-Isolation, Social Distancing, Non-Essential Gathering… The Coronavirus Terms You Need to Know (19 March)

Nine Hobbies You Can Master While Self-Isolating (19 March)

Coronavirus: Should I Travel Overseas or Around Australia? (12 March)

Why Are Australian Supermarkets Running Out of Toilet Paper and Other Groceries, and Should I be Worried? (5 March)

What is Coronavirus and How Can I Protect Myself? (29 January)

International Student Resources

Insider Guides COVID-19 Student Support Directory – our directory of where you can turn to for support across accommodation, food, employment and more.

Department of Education, Skills and Employment – up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 for international students

Coronavirus FAQ for International Students – up-to-date information sheet regarding border measures and visas from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Study in Australia – dedicated student support services regarding COVID-19

Study in Australia: Australian education provider list – COVID-19 response information from Australian education providers

Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency – up-to-date regulatory advice for students

If you are concerned about your enrolment, fees or other issues related to your studies, please contact your education provider directly.

If your education provider cannot assist, you can call dedicated staff at Study in Australia on (+61) 1300 981 621 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday AEDT, except public holidays. You can also email international.students@dese.gov.au.

Government Resources

Department of Health – up-to-date health advice regarding COVID-19

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – up-to-date travel advice for incoming and outgoing passengers

Department of Home Affairs website – visa advice for international students

Health Resources

Department of Health – Up-to-date health advice regarding COVID-19

National Coronavirus Health Information Line – Call 1800 020 080 – the line operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Australian Psychological Society – documenting tips for avoiding COVID-19 anxiety here

Discuss any questions you have with your state or territory Public Health Agency:

News Resources

For rolling news coverage of COVID-19, both nationally and internationally, use the following resources:

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

The Guardian

Al Jazeera

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Do you have a question about international student life in Australia that you want answered by experts? Whether it’s about visas, mental health, travel, your studies, employment, relationships or even simply finding a friend to talk to, reach out to us.

Check out our International Students Ask page to submit your question.